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Download Brochure
MG ~ MSU (Safe) style hatch has all the features of an M-Style hatch with hinged safety grate panel.

The Safest Access Hatch! Safety and Durability Features Galore!
  • Lifting spring: aids in opening lid
  • Flush design: avoids trip hazards
  • Variety of lock options: avoids unauthorized access
  • Reinforcing for a range of live loads
  • Retractable Posts and chains available as an option

Single Door: 762X762.PDF    762X762.pdf

Double Door: 1200x1200mgd.PDF    1200x1200mgd.pdf

Parallel Door: 1270x813mgp.PDF    1270x813mgp.pdf

Triple Door: 900x1800mtg.PDF    900x1800mtg.pdf

Multi-Door: 1400x10000MTG.PDF    1400x10000MTG.pdf

Optional Posts & Chains: 762x914mgpc.PDF    762x914mgpc.pdf