OPSD 404.020 – MSU Type RSL

MSU’s RSL Aluminum riveted safety platform meets all the requirements of OPSD 404.020, 404.021 and 404.022 and MSU is listed with The Road Authority as an approved manufacturer.


  • Suitable for new construction and existing infrastructure
  • Easy to install
  • Designed for permanent installation
  • Meet Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications and Drawings (OPSS and OPSD), Ministry of Labour, Building Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act Guidelines
  • Stock aluminum platforms for standard precast concrete maintenance holes
  • Welded construction to CSA standards W47.2

MSU manufactures Type RSL aluminum safety platforms to suit maintenance holes from 900mm to 3000mm in diameter. Here are drawings for the most common sizes to OPSD 404.020, contact our engineering staff for structures with drop pipes to OPSD 404.021 and 404.022

1200mm diameter
1500mm diameter
1800mm diameter
2400mm diameter
3000mm diameter
MSU RSL Safety Landing Construction and Self-Locking Hinge details

MSU also has designs for those infrequently used sizes such as 900, 1050, 1350, et cetera. Contact our sales or engineering staff for further details.