Credit Application

Credit Application

MSU Mississauga Ltd

2222 South Sheridan Way, Building 3, Unit 300

Mississauga, Ontario, L5J 2M4

Voice: (905) 823-4340 Fax: (905) 823-4947
Toll Free Voice: (800) 268-5336 Toll Free Fax: (888) 220-2213
Email: Website:

MSU Mississauga Payment Terms:

Net 30 days regardless of when your company receives payment from your client.
Any outstanding amount over 60 days from invoice date will be turned over to Credit Risk Management
for collection. Completion of this application confirms your agreement with these terms.

Credit Investigation:

MSU Mississauga Ltd. Is a member of Equifax Canada and reports to Equifax on a monthly basis.
Equifax credit score and payment index for your company is taken into consideration when evaluating
credit worthiness. Companies with Credit Scores and Payment Indexes outside of our criteria
will be required to pay by Money Order, Certified Cheque, Visa or Mastercard prior to shipment.

Incorporated Business Name: *
Operating As (if different):
Physical Address: Mailing Address:
Phone #: General Email:
Website: Type of Business:
Monthly Credit Required: Date Company Commenced:
Owner / President: Email:
Controller: A/P Contact: *
Controller Phone #: A/P Contact Phone #: *
Controller Email: A/P Contact Email: *


Limited Partnership:

Subsidiary of:

Sole Ownership:

General Partnership:

Division of:
Parent Company:    
* MSU sends invoices via fax and email. Pls specify your preference, number/address
Fax Email
Bank Information
Bank: Account Number(s):
Address: Loan Number(s):
Phone #:
Account Officer: Email:

Please provide the following information:

  • Four Suppliers
  • Fax Numbers for all suppliers
  • Contact name of credit manager or sales person


At least one supplier must be cement, precast, steel or equipment rental/leasing company.

Company Name: Phone Number:
Contact Name Fax Number
Company Name: Phone Number:
Contact Name Fax Number
Company Name: Phone Number:
Contact Name Fax Number
Company Name: Phone Number:
Contact Name Fax Number

Permission is herewith granted to obtain credit information from all listed references including the
afotementioned companies and bank. All information submitted in support of this credut application
is true and complete in all respects. I make this application on behalf of the aforementioned company.

I agree to MSU Mississauga Ltd’s payment terms.

The information contained within is for the explicit use of MSU Mississauga Ltd. MSU Mississauga
Ltd. guarantees that your information will be held in the strictest confidence and that your
information will not be sold or given to any other entity or organization.

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