Climbing Rungs

Climbing rungs allow access to and egress from your underground infrastructure.

MSU climbing rungs are designed for permanent installation in maintenance holes, reservoirs, pumping stations, mines, underground chambers and vaults. Climbing rungs are an alternative to ladders and are most frequently found in factory installed in precast concrete maintenance hole and valve chamber products. Suitable for curved and flat wall structures.

  • Suitable for new construction and existing infrastructure
  • Flexible installation, cast in, drive in, bolt on
  • Easy to install
  • Designed for permanent installation
  • Meet Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications and Drawings (OPSS and OPSD), ASTM C478, and BNQ
  • Slip Resistant
  • Available in aluminum, polyethylene coated aluminum and stainless steel, type 316
  • Impervious to temperature change, impact and vibration
  • Standard climbing rungs available in both 304 mm and 406 mm widths
  • Welded construction to CSA standards W47.1 and W47.2