Type AL – Angle Frame

MSU AL hatches are designed to be cast into or bolted onto round concrete structures such as pumping stations or leachate collection structures where water or liquid infiltration is not a concern. These hatches are a non-watertight choice for areas of pedestrian traffic.

Safety controls are engineered right into all MSU access hatches.

AL access hatches are:

  • All aluminum construction
  • Angle frame cast in or bolt on
  • Slip resistant checker plate lid
  • Lifting handle and exposed padlock tab (padlocks by others)
  • Hold-open arm, in type 316 stainless steel, locks lid safely at 90 degrees vertical
  • Continuous stainless-steel hinging system
  • Reinforced for 14.4 kPa live load
  • Cast anchors or wedge anchors for bolt-on applications
  • Bituminous paint on all areas in contact with concrete
  • All fasteners in stainless steel, type 304
  • Welding to CSA W47.2


MSU AL hatches are manufactured for standard circular precast concrete structures and come in single, double and multi-door units.
1200 mm diameter
with 2 semi openings
1800 mm diameter
with 2 semi openings
2400 mm diameter
with 4 1/4 circle openings


  • Insulation with back pan (Styrofoam SM 50 mm standard)
  • Lifting spring in 316 stainless steel
  • Stainless-steel slam lock with sealing plug and opener
  • Occasional traffic loads to CL-625, CL-800, and H-20
  • Custom signage, lettering and wording
  • Custom finishes: anodizing, painting