Partner With a Supplier That Supports Your Needs

Partnering with a certified supplier for your project is an important part of the design and construction process. A certified supplier can make product recommendations and provide solutions for issues that engineers encounter during the design process. For example, if you need an access solution for an underground structure, a supplier can make recommendations on what kind of hatch or stairway is required, and provide the necessary dimensions and other specifications. Partnering with a certified supplier will make the design process go more smoothly, and ensure the end result is a strong and safe structure.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Supplier?

  • Certification by the Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Extensive industry knowledge and experience
  • Quick and professional responses to all inquiries

Engineers should seek out a partnership with a supplier that is experienced with providing in-depth product knowledge and project solutions. The right supplier for your project will provide the cost of the required product, along with drawings and designs that you can incorporate into your project at the design stage. Partnering with a certified supplier will also ensure that all products are code compliant and guarantees that the final product is constructed from quality materials that meet building safety codes.

MSU Mississauga Ltd. is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau and has used their industry experience to build a large database of products, designs, and materials over the past 25 years. If they don’t have the exact product that you’re looking for, they can search their database for a similar product and make the necessary modifications to suit your project’s needs. MSU Mississauga Ltd. also has a library of product specifications for all products they manufacture. If you request a specification for a certain product, the experts at MSU Mississauga Ltd. can use their extensive database to quickly email a detailed drawing with the product’s specifications. Responding quickly to product and specification requests enables you to quickly resume work on your project, and time is money.

MSU Mississauga Ltd. specializes in providing clients with access solutions, including access hatches and platforms, and watermain and water management hardware. All of MSU’s product designs and drawings are generated using the most technologically innovative tools to ensure all designs and products meet the highest quality standards, as noted by the Canadian Welding Bureau’s QualityMark program.