Save Time by Working with an Experienced Supplier

When working on a new infrastructure project, it can be tempting to partner with the least expensive supplier to cut down on expenditures. However, choosing the cheapest supplier can mean that you’ll end up with a poor quality product that won’t last as long as expected or withstand the conditions of the worksite. And most importantly, a poor quality product can endanger your workers if it wasn’t made by an experienced welder who’s certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. The last thing anyone wants to do is to increase the risk of an accident or injury on the jobsite just to save money. The increase liability risks associated with a cheap, poorly made product that doesn’t comply with CSA Standards simply aren’t worth it.

An experienced and certified supplier will not only supply your project with products that meet all building codes and CSA Standards, they’ll also save you time and money in the long run. Working with an experienced supplier means you have access to their in-depth knowledge that was accumulated by years of work experience and training. In result, the job you hired them to do will be done correctly the first time and the products will be of the highest quality possible. A supplier you can trust you produce a quality product that complies with all building codes will save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

That said, there are a lot of suppliers to choose from. How do you know if a supplier has the experience and knowledge your project needs? There are a few key traits you should look for when looking to partner with a supplier.

How Do You Know that You’re Working with an Experience Supplier?

  • Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Has the industry knowledge to answer all queries
  • Can provide references from satisfied clients
  • Is knowledgeable of welding and building codes
  • Guarantees the quality of their products

MSU Mississauga Ltd. is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau and has earned the WeldQuality Mark for their commitment to producing high quality stainless steel and aluminum products. MSU Mississauga has 40 years of industry experience, and has spent 25 years building a large database of products, designs, and materials. This database makes finding the right product for your infrastructure a quick and easy experience, and all products in their database can be customized to suit your project’s specifications and requirements. The experts at MSU can also use their database to email a detailed drawing with the specifications of your product, which enables you to resume work on your project faster.

The experts at MSU Mississauga Ltd. have the experience and industry knowledge to help you choose the best access solutions and water and wastewater hardware for your project. MSU Mississauga’s certification by the Canadian Welding Bureau and our WeldQuality Mark seal of approval means that you’ll always receive high-quality stainless steel and aluminium products that comply with all building codes. We are committed to supplying our clients with safe, quality products. Contact MSU Mississauga today to find out how our access solutions and water and wastewater hardware can enhance your project.