Why You Should Work With Certified Suppliers

A certified welder is qualified to perform different kinds of welding procedures to join plates of various materials, thickness, and heights. The welder must apply to be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau, a third-party organization that tests the performance of the welding processes and procedures to ensure that the welds are strong, and meet all safety and quality requirements. Welders must also be re-certified every 2-3 years to continue performing each procedure.

It typically takes 6-12 months for a welding company to be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau, and there’s a variety of welding procedures that employees must be certified to perform. The Canadian Welding Bureau audits certified welding companies on a semi-annual basis to ensure their welders are producing quality products that meet all safety standards.

Why Choose a Certified Supplier?

  • Reduces safety and liability issues
  • Ensures code compliance
  • Prevents costly errors and oversights
  • Guarantees high quality work

It’s important to work with a certified welder to reduce liability issues. Products from a non-certified welder may not comply with building codes that ensure safety and quality, which could result in structural failure, safety concerns, and costly errors. Working with a certified supplier will ensure the safety and quality of your project.

You can find certified suppliers for your next welding project by visiting the Canadian Welding Bureau’s website and searching for certified welding companies by name or location. A certified supplier guarantees that their products comply to all building codes, are safe, and will stand the test of time.

There are currently 4947 companies certified to weld steel in Canada, and only 598 companies certified to weld aluminum in Canada. Because steel is a more common construction material, aluminum is a specialised product for welders. MSU Mississauga Ltd. is certified to weld both stainless steel and aluminum, which provides engineers and contractors with more material choices when designing their projects. A company that’s certified to weld stainless steel and aluminum has the experience to help you choose the right material for your project’s needs.

MSU Mississauga Ltd. has been certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to weld stainless steel and aluminum for over 25 years. MSU has also been accepted into the Canadian Welding Bureau’s Weld QualityMark program. The Weld QualityMark program confirms MSU’s commitment to high-quality welding procedures.