Ladders allow access to and egress from above ground and underground structures.

MSU manufactures ladders and ladder systems which allow access to and egress from above ground structures such as buildings and chimneys and underground structures such as maintenance holes, vaults, chambers, and reservoirs.

  • For new construction and existing infrastructure
  • Easy to install and use
  • Designed for permanent installation
  • Available in aluminum and stainless steel types 304 and 316
  • Wedge anchors standard fastener, optional fasteners available
  • Meets ministry of labour, Building Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act Guidelines
  • Wide selection of standard designs, configurations, rung types, fastening systems
  • Custom designs to suit unique situations and applications
  • Engineering and designs to suit your specific project requirements
  • Welded construction to CSA standards W47.1 and W47.2